Organizations in transformation are faced with a growing number of complex projects.

Take advantage of digital innovation, encourage matrix collaboration, become global; your concerns are at the heart of our DNA.


Our approach to  transformation is based on four pillars:

  • BUSINESS : All of our consultants have held various operational functions within companies before joining Team Potential. Their rich business experience makes them credible partners. They know business vocabulary and quickly understand the stakes of teams involved in  transformation projects.
  • PROCESS : Our project managers master modeling  techniques to measure the performance of  processes (based on Lean Management). Because we can only improve what we measure, the pragmatique approach of  Team Potential  helps you evolve your business model, and measure its effectiveness in relation to your implementation strategy.
  • IT : Team Potential Consultants enjoy and understand technology. They have all been involved in important information system projects. Due to this dual business and IT experience, they establish and embody a true “bridge” between business and IT team, ensuring the success of your projects.
  • INTERNATIONAL : 95% of the missions entrusted to us by clients are international. Our consultants are  multilingual and have  worked in multicultural contexts. They integrate quickly into your global environment; a major asset for the success of your international transformation projects.