Mission statement

You have made the decision to change and we are at your side to help in your journey to a sustainable transformation, from project design to delivery and long-term adoption.

We believe transformation is best achieved through a three-pronged focus: optimized processes, embedded in the right technology, adopted by humans.

Our multi-cultural team is defined by a keen understanding of business processes and technologies at global firms. We are here to help you decide and execute on those projects having the most positive impact on your people and your clients. We are also here to help drive longer term adoption through a human-centered approach. A must for true transformation.

Pragmatic, measurable transformation where technology is at the service of humans: this is our raison d’être working with you.

Transformation Advisory service

Typically, numerous projects result from your business strategy. That’s when we step in:

  • we help, first of all, to identify and prioritize your projects according to their degree of contribution to your transformation
  • we optimize business processes during the launch of projects. This makes it possible to maximize the ROI of new tools by avoiding implementation of an old, or low-quality process, in a new tool. The quality of the process and relevance of the tool are two keys to the success of projects.


We assist you in creating and developing your transformation strategy

Our consultants accompany you in the specification of your needs, and ensure that the various steps necessary for a successful transformation are carried out with care.

  • Our role is to help you define your company strategy into concrete actions and projects, depending on your available resources.
  • Our methodology is sound, and allows you to build your roadmap tomorrow.
Accompagnement - roadmap - schéma directeur

Dynamic Project Portfolio Management

Prioritize your projects

Your IT systems must be a catalyst for your business strategy. We help you define and manage your project portfolio guaranteeing concrete results and the achievement of your goals.

We analyse and document your processes

“Where are the bottlenecks in my process ?”

We identify possible efficiency gain opportunities and the associated projects

“What criteria should I use to select projects that will have a significant ROI?”

We prioritise your projects in line with the available resources

“Do I have all the resources I need to achieve our strategic goals?”

Day to day tracking of your project plan, project by project KPIs

“How do I manage my project portfolio and communicate the status and progress of projects?”


Help you choose the right solution!

Through our expertise of vary solutions, we accompany you from the specification of your needs to the identification and selection of the appropriate solution. The analysis of the solution is performed through detailed matrix ensuring team acceptance.

For new CRM tool – ERP – Collaborative. Our consultants are experts in the most sought-after solutions on the market today (Dynamics 365 – Salesforce – SAP …).

Méthodologie team potential

A concrete methodology for quick results

1. Scope definition

2. Functional and non-functional needs collection

3. Redaction of specifications

4. Pre-selection of target solutions

5. Evaluation of the candidates / assistance to the final choice

Analyse and process optimisation

Let's draw together your processes of tomorrow

Using tools and methodology derived from Lean principles, our consultants VSM experts, develop with you your target processes.

Value Stream Mapping, for example, makes it possible to map and optimize your current processes in a simple, pragmatic and non-time-consuming way.

Applicable to any type of process, VSM is particularly relevant before deploying a CRM or ERP tool.

Gain up to 30% quality in your processes.

Transformation Enabling service

As application managers (AMOA), we integrate within your internal IT or Business teams with the role of project management or assistance to the business, depending on your context.

Your transformation becomes reality only with an effective and lasting adoption of the solutions offered by your collaborators. Through innovative and pragmatic mechanisms, we accompany you with this second pillar of Transformation Enablers.

Application Management

We accompany you in your projects

From the clarification of business needs to the drafting of functional specifications, the management of third parties (integrators / consultants) or the management of internal project resources in your organization: We are here.

  • Our project managers are experienced and above all close to business concerns.
  • They adapt to your environment, learn your terminology to capture the specific needs that will make the difference in your project.
  • Rompus to agile methodologies, they associate the real actors of the processes in the iterative definition of the solution.

Examples of projects on which we support you: redesign of your business processes and implementation of a CRM tool, definition of an ERP core model and deployment on international subsidiaries …

Accompagnement projet AMOA

Adoption – Change management

Boost the adoption of your tools over time

Our change management strategy is designed to foster user adoption for new processes and tools through:

Methodology ADKAR (Jeffrey M. Hiatt), globally recognized

Strategic approach, on the 5 pillars of ADKAR: Awareness / Desire / Knowledge / Ability / Reinforcement.

Cadrage of Change Management actions (Communication, training, E-learning, gamification)

Our partnership with the Inside Board® platform

A global platform, a wide range of innovative solutions to engage and animate all the actors of the transformation: end-users, ambassadors, proximity managers and top management.

A data driven platform, a machine learning engine.

Adoption metrics.

The expertise of our consultants

Ensuring high and long-term adoption metrics.

Combine their know-how and experience of change management with a methodology and powerful tools.